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building a unix top inspired tool Feature Image

Building a Unix top-inspired Tool to Monitor the Stock Market in Real-Time

In this tutorial, we will build a Python tool inspired by the Unix top command to monitor real-time stock market trades using Polygon’s python-client library. We will start by connecting to Polygon's stocks websocket server, then subscribe to a continuous stream of trades, covering all stocks, across the entire US stock market. The tool will show trade activity in 5-second intervals, maintaining running totals, and sorting tickers by trade volume. This tutorial provides a hands-on experience, di

release notes july 2023 Feature Image

Release Notes - July 2023

We've been hard at work introducing new features such as our Universal Snapshot API, a Polygon plugin for ChatGPT, and Indices data. We've also made a number of improvements to our services and have some exciting case studies and tutorials to share with you.

case study algorithmict trading with go Feature Image
case study

Case Study: Algorithmic Trading With Go

In this case study, we are excited to share an insider's perspective and look under the hood of how a customer built an automated retail trading bot that is capable of monitoring the entire stock market in real-time.

indices data has arrived Feature Image

Indices Data Has Arrived

We are excited to announce the launch of the Indices API endpoints, offering real-time and historical market data for over 11,400+ Indices, including the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq-100, and the VIX. With access to comprehensive market data, businesses and individual investors can make informed decisions in today's rapidly evolving financial markets. We have brought the same low-latency and developer-centric API design of our

simplifying data access with csv support Feature Image

Simplifying Data Access with CSV Support

We are excited to announce the launch of CSV support for our REST APIs. You can now choose between JSON and CSV formats when making requests to our platform for Stocks, Options, Forex, and Crypto market data. With the addition of CSV support, you no longer need to transform or convert the data manually, which makes working with financial data more accessible. In this blog, we will walk you through the new feature, provide examples, as well as links to our docs for reference. Getting Started By