About Polygon.io

Polygon.io was started by ex-Googlers who have a proven track record of building performant, large scale platforms with clean, intuitive usability.

While attempting a project that applied ML to news articles and market data, we were amazed how difficult, unreliable, and expensive market data was. With no solution to our pain points, we decided to apply our deep knowledge of modern tech platforms and infrastructure to solve this for ourselves.

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Our Mission

Help developers build the future of fintech by democratizing access to the world"s financial market data.

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January 2016

Polygon.io is founded by former Googlers

March 2016

Polygon.io launches V1 of the Stocks API

February 2017

Polygon.io infrastructure upgraded and moved to Equinix, NYSE/Nasdaq Data Centers

April 2017

Polygon.io completes registration with ARIN to become a registered router on the internet

May 2018

Polygon.io launches currencies and crypto APIs

Green Visor

June 2019

Polygon.io secures seed funding from Green Visor Capital

November 2019

Polygon.io moves to Inman Park offices

Polygon Cage

January 2020

Polygon.io upgrades infrastructure to full cage at Equinix

September 2020

Polygon.io launches free data APIs

Polygon Building

October 2020

Polygon.io Raises $6M Series A Funding Round with e.ventures

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