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Real time & Historical Forex Data APIs

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Merrill Lynch
Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan

Unlimited REST

We do not limit how much you can use our RESTful APIs. There are no daily call limits, or maximum queries per minute.

Low Latency

Our platform provides low latency real-time data with a mean latency of 20ms. This is orders of magnitude faster than our closest competitor.

Snapshot APIs

See the entire market at a glance with our powerful Snapshot APIs. You can also query the gainers and losers for the current day.


1min - 1yr aggregate intervals. We allow you to query the aggregate in the size you want. 1min, 7min, 16day, anything is possible.

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what you're going to pay. Get the data directly from the source, don't waste money on sales middlemen.

Global FX Pairs

Global currency pairs data including over 1000+ currency pairs streaming in real-time.

Use Any Language

Clients for All Major Development Languages

Create your application in any language. No more C++/Java limitations. Use the technology you already know, and spend your time creating, not integrating.

1package main
2import (
3    "fmt"
4    websocket ""
10func main(){
11    c, _, err := websocket.DefaultDialer.Dial("wss://", nil )
12    if err != nil {
13        panic( err )
14    }
15    defer c.Close()
16    c.WriteMessage( websocket.TextMessage, []byte( fmt.Sprintf("{\"action\":\"auth\",\"params\":\"%s\"}", APIKEY) ) )
17    c.WriteMessage( websocket.TextMessage, []byte( fmt.Sprintf("{\"action\":\"subscribe\",\"params\":\"%s\"}", CHANNELS) ) )
18    var msg interface{}
19    for {
20        err := c.ReadJSON( &msg ); if err != nil {
21            panic( err )
22        }
23        fmt.Println( "Message:", msg )
24    }

Accurate, Fast, and Reliable

Complete redundancy, horizontally scalable, built on proven technologies.

< 1 millisecond

Ultra low latency APIs

Equinix NY Datacenters

Same datacenters as the exchanges


Messages per Second

Impeccable Reliability

Multiple redundancies

Currencies Pricing

Instant Access. Cancel Anytime.

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Polygon is a dream come true when compared to some of the largest players in the market. They provide excellent quality data through a modern API with no long term contract.

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Compare Currencies Plans

Feature Comparison
API Calls
How many API calls you can make.
Which data you may access.
Historical Data
The range of data you may access.
Reference Data
1 min, 5 min, and custom range minute / second aggregate bars including open, high, low, close and volume.
Snapshot provides the current minute, day, and previous day’s aggregate, as well as the last trade and quote for a single ticker.
WebSocket connection to streaming real-time data.
Get trades for a ticker.