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Case Study: Algorithmic Trading With Go

In this case study, we are excited to share an insider's perspective and look under the hood of how a customer built an automated retail trading bot that is capable of monitoring the entire stock market in real-time.

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Case Study: Birdwingo

Birdwingo recently launched their mobile investment application, bringing an innovative twist to the traditional retail-brokerage landscape by allowing Gen-Z and millennial users to align their investments with their personal convictions. The first of its kind to the European market, Birdwingo provides Gen Z and Millennials a platform to discover companies and build investment portfolios that align with and reflect their personal values ​​and preferences. "We want to

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Case Study: PlutoHQ

About Pluto: Pluto brings Web 3.0 to retail equities investing, enabling creators and investors to maximize profits across their investment strategies, insights, and ideas. Pluto’s Mission Pluto will bring the power of automated investing to retail traders of all backgrounds. Pluto empowers anyone to become a successful trader by removing complexity and creating a powerful and accessible suite of tools. Pluto and Pluto makes it easy for any investor to design, backtest, and dep

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Case Study: r/WallStreetBets

If I had told you a year ago that amidst a global pandemic, an online community of retail traders would take down a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, would you believe me? Probably not, and that is perfectly reasonable. This pandemic has led to some unprecedented market events. I suppose we can assume this is because everyone was bored quarantining at home and more willing to speculate on the market with their stimulus checks. The increase in retail investors from all around the world helped the

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Case Study: Tickblaze

Tickblaze is one of the world’s most advanced platforms for professional quants and active traders.  Armed with a modern, sleek, and customizable interface, terabytes of historical data and a robust API for developing trading strategies, they’re taking on the most sophisticated trading platforms.  Tickblaze is setting the new standard for automated trading software, and they’re backed by world-class financial market data from Tickblaze is a desktop platform that allows quants to de

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Case Study: Bradley University

Market data is a driving factor in today’s world of finance. We are so often used to associating it with the corporate world, we sometimes forget the useful and important role it can play in educating our world’s future generation of financial professionals. This is why we were excited when Bradley University , a top-ranked institution founded in 1897, reached out to about building a state of the art ticker-tape display in their new Business Analytics Lab, where

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