Release Notes - April 2024

Apr 29, 2024

Welcome to our April release notes! We're excited to share updates that enhance our platform's capabilities, especially the launch of historical Flat Files, which are now included at no additional charge for all paid customers, on any plan. We have exciting updates on our Chicago data center, new partner integrations, and fresh tutorials.

Historical File Downloads Now Included In All Plans

Starting from March 6, 2024, daily historical Flat Files are included at no additional charge for all paid plans, whether you are a personal or an enterprise customer. This integration simplifies accessing and downloading extensive historical market data, enabling you to dive deep into historical data with ease. Whether through our user-friendly web-based File Browser or S3 access for seamless integration into automated workflows, all data is delivered in an easy-to-use CSV format. This offering sets a new standard in the accessibility and convenience of institutional-grade market data.

Chicago Data Center Progress

We are nearing production readiness with our new data center in Chicago. Currently, we are replicating data and backend services, and conducting extensive testing to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. Once completed, we will operate two data centers, one in New York and one in Chicago, enabling us to run our backend services in parallel. This expansion will significantly enhance our service delivery capabilities.

Integration with everviz and QuantConnect

everviz: We are thrilled to announce our partnership with everviz, which will enable users to create and embed dynamic visualizations of market data directly on their platforms. This integration facilitates the creation of interactive charts and maps, enhancing how financial data is presented and understood.

QuantConnect: Our new integration with QuantConnect provides a comprehensive suite for algorithmic trading, supported by our robust data APIs. This collaboration brings advanced research, backtesting, and live trading capabilities directly to your fingertips, leveraging the high-quality market data provided by

Deep Dive into Trade-Level Data with Flat Files

Learn how to utilize's Flat Files for detailed market analysis. This tutorial guides you through the process of downloading and analyzing trade-level data across the stock market, demonstrating the power of comprehensive datasets for figuring out popular exchanges, market hours, and trade volumes.

Non-Blocking WebSocket and REST Calls in Python

We have introduced a new pattern for handling non-blocking WebSocket and REST API calls in Python, designed to streamline the processing of real-time data without interruptions. This is crucial for anyone who needs to manage high-volume data streams and make additional data fetches without disrupting the continuity of data flow. By using asynchronous operations, users can maintain a responsive and efficient data handling environment, crucial for real-time applications like trading and market monitoring.

Next Steps

We encourage all our users to explore these new features and integrations. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to enhance our platform and services. Look forward to more updates as we keep pushing the boundaries of what our data can do for you.

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Integration: QuantConnect

We are excited to announce our integration with QuantConnect! This offering empowers users with state-of-the-art research, backtesting, parameter optimization, and live trading capabilities, all fueled by the robust market data APIs and WebSocket Streams of