New and Improved Financial News API

May 18, 2021

We’ve recently released a major reboot of our News API as part of our ongoing improvements to reference data.  Our News API v2 delivers up-to-date content from multiple major financial news outlets, better searching capabilities, and conformity with our standard response structure and pagination patterns.

Along with increased timeliness and stability, our News API v2 allows you to search for the most recent financial news articles across all tickers, a single ticker, or a range of tickers.  To find the most recent financial news across all tickers, you can omit the ticker parameter and sort by

in descending order.*

 "results": [
   "id": …,
   "publisher": {
    "name": "The Motley Fool",
    "homepage_url": …,
    "logo_url": …,
    "favicon_url": …
   "title": "Why Shares of Dell Technologies Rose 11.5% in April",
   "author": …,
   "published_utc": …,
   "article_url": …,
   "tickers": [
   "amp_url": …,
   "image_url": …,
   "description": "Dell confirmed a previous strategy to spin off its stake in VMware.",
   "keywords": [

In addition to information on the publisher, author, and article source, the results also include a list of tickers with mentions in the article and a list of relevant keywords.

News API v2 follows our new standardized patterns on pagination, which you can read about in more detail here.  The

fields follow the Query Filter Extensions pattern and allow for searching with a number of comparison operators.  Check out the News API v2 docs to see these fields in action.

This update to the News API follows some major improvements to our reference data, including the release of our new point-in-time Tickers API, as well as our (still experimental) point-in-time Ticker Details API.

The old v1 News API will be deprecated on June 7, so make sure to update any existing systems to use the new endpoint before that date.

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