We’ve created a new point-in-time tickers API (currently experimental 🧑‍🔬) which makes it possible to get a full view of the financial markets, exactly as they were on any date.  The new API allows you to find which company a ticker was associated with on a certain date, or query by date to get a master list of symbols actively traded on that date.  We’re also syncing the data every night after market close so that you’re always working with the most up-to-date information.


Our new point-in-time tickers API is available on an experimental basis.  We've added nightly data syncs, pagination, and the ability to query by date.  With the added date dimension, you can query the historical info of a single ticker or get an overview of all tickers actively traded on that date.

Our Motivation

It can be difficult to understand the whole picture of a company’s history when anchoring on ticker symbol alone.  As companies merge or get acquired, tickers change, get delisted, and are sometimes re-used to list an entirely different company. If not accounted for, this can lead to inaccurate assumptions about how a company performed.  That's why we're taking steps to give you more historical information on tickers, and more control over what you're searching for.  We've created a new API with the ability to query a ticker as it was at a particular point-in-time, and we'll soon be rolling out the ability to search on various types of IDs so that you can choose what you want to anchor your data on.

The Specifics

With the new API, you can query https://api.polygon.io/vX/reference/tickers?ticker=L&date=2006-01-02&apiKey=* to see that on January 2, 2006, the company traded under the ticker symbol L was Liberty Media.  By changing the date in the query to January 2, 2021,  (https://api.polygon.io/vX/reference/tickers?ticker=L&date=2021-01-02&apiKey=*), you can see that the same ticker in 2021 was actually Loews Corporation.  If the date is omitted, the current date will implicitly be used.

We’re also updating the list of tickers after each market close to ensure that any symbol updates that showed up in trading on that day are captured.  We’ve also added the ability to paginate the results, which will be covered in-depth in an upcoming article.

There are a few limitations to the current version of the API, it doesn’t yet support currency tickers or partial string search.  We also plan to soon allow querying on several types of IDs that will be returned by the tickers API so that you have more flexibility when specifying the entity you want data for.

What's Next

This API will become the foundation for our reference data revamp coming later this year, so we want your feedback.  To make it easier to tell us what you think, we’ve added a way to submit feedback straight from the docs, which you can check out here.  The new endpoint will eventually supersede our current tickers API, but don't worry, they’ll both run in parallel until everything is stable, and we'll let you know in advance when we plan to deprecate the old one.