Introducing partners with Cboe to deliver market data APIs for apps, websites, and displays.

Aug 30, 2021

Introducing Poly.feed+, all of the stock price, reference, and fundamental data you need to build your next financial website or application. All accessible via unlimited APIs, running on world class infrastructure directly inside the exchange data centers, and licensed for distribution to an unlimited number of end users for a simple flat monthly price.

Applications Powered by APIs

Fast, reliable, easy to use APIs with access to all of the financial market data you need to build financial apps, websites, and displays.

RESTful API Documentation
Structured, versioned JSON RESTful APIs that allow you to request data using any coding language on any platform.

WebSocket API Documentation
Tick by tick data with low latency over TCP using standardized protocols

Real-time market data directly from U.S. National Securities Exchanges.

Poly.feed+ includes access to real-time intraday data, as well as pre and post-market data (4:00 am - 8:00 pm ET), from 2 top U.S. stock exchanges with formidable market coverage and competitive price accuracy – without the costly per user exchange fees typically associated with other real-time market data streams.

Access to 15+ years of history on the entire U.S. Equities Market at nanosecond granularity.

Poly.feed+  also includes over 15 years of historical tick level trade and quote data from all US stock exchanges and dark pools at 100% price accuracy.

Aggregates (Bars)
Retrieve second, minute, hour, day, or custom aggregates intervals with open, high, low, close, volume, and weighted volume values.

Trades & Quotes (Bid/Ask)
Access trillions of rows of historical tick data to see every trade and top of book quote message across all U.S. exchanges and dark pools over the last 20 years at nanosecond granularity.

Snapshots, Gainers/Losers, and More
See the entire market at a glance with our powerful Snapshot APIs, query top gainers and losers for the current day, and more.

Reference & Fundamental Data Included

We want to make sure you have everything you need to create your next application, which is why we've also included access to extensive reference data from the most accurate and reliable sources as a part of Poly.feed+.

Stock Financials
Annual and quarterly company filings standardized into fundamental accounting concepts that make it easy to compare financials across companies and industries. Normalized data across filings to be able to provide common concepts like revenues and operating expenses, all point-in-time, so you can view a company’s financials exactly as they were on a given date.

Stock News
Up-to-date and historical content from multiple major financial news outlets with information on the publisher, author, and article source, the results also include a list of tickers with mentions in the article and a list of relevant keywords.

Point-in-Time Tickers
Find which company a ticker was associated with on a certain date, or query by date to get a master list of symbols actively traded on that date. Synced every night after market close so that you’re always working with the most up-to-date ticker information.

Point-in-Time Ticker Details
See the whole picture of how a company has changed over time, inclduing details about the company like address, market cap, and outstanding shares

Stock Exchanges
Stock Splits
Stock Dividends
Market Status
Market Holidays
And More

Display data publicly to an unlimited number of end users for a simple flat monthly price.

The most common challenges our customers face are the licensing restrictions and controls associated with displaying real-time data to end users. With other real-time data products, data must be secured behind an entitlement (login) system, end-users need to be classified as pro/non-pro with cumbersome onboarding processes, and user counts must be reported directly to the exchanges every month.

Poly.feed+ eliminates this complexity, allowing you to display data publicly to an unlimited number of end users for viewing via television, websites, and mobile devices — no entitlement system, end-user classification, or reporting necessary.

Digital Media License


Includes distribution to an unlimited number of end users for viewing via television, websites, and mobile devices for informational purposes.

Enterprise License


Includes distribution to an unlimited number of end users for trading purposes.

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Intraday Volume 5/4/219.982%5.095%
Display Data PubliclyPublic displayLogin System Required
Exchange ReportingNo ReportingMonthly Reporting Required
Subscriber Status ClassificationNo Subscriber Status ClassificationSubscriber Status Classification Required

If you'd like to learn more about poly.feed+ and how it stacks up against our other enterprise data feed offerings, please visit

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