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Committed to Giving Back

Polygon is built on top of open source projects. Without these open source projects, it's likely Polygon and many other companies would not be feasible. We always try to give back to the community. Both contributing to projects, and open sourcing projects others may find helpful.

TradingView Adapter

JS Library for using with TradingView charting.

TradingView Adapter on Github

Errands Server

Errands API Server. A language agnostic, HTTP based queue with server side events ( SSE ). Persistent storage using Badger for SSD performance. Concurrency safe for multiple workers to be processing errands off the queue.

Errands Server on Github

Packet Capture Library Packet CAPture format.

A PPCAP consists of two files, a "data" file and an "index" file, with file extensions ".ppcapd" and ".ppcapi", respectively.

Packet Capture Library on Github

Multicast Dump Tool

Simple CLI tool to dump UDP Multicast traffic to console in hex format. This is useful for systems which do not have TCPDump and can deploy a single go binary executable.

Multicast Dump Tool on Github