Real-Time Forex Data Changes

Apr 25, 2018

Good news and bad news for Forex data on

Good News

The good news is we have added several new data broker feeds to our currencies stream (

). Hundreds more currency pairs, and more than a 1500% increase in data throughput ( ticks/second ). We believe this makes the absolute leader in real-time forex data. Paired with our simple and intuitive APIs, we think you'll agree.

Bad News

Due to the licensing of the new feeds, and the bandwidth costs of the large increase of ticks/second, it's no longer feasable for us to offer the currency accounts for free. However, we think the price and benefits added to the new currencies plan make it very competitive.

New Currencies Accounts!

  • Forex streams & APIs
    • Aggregate Real-time feed of 3 major banking institutions
    • Historic data from all 3 major banks, plus true-fx
    • 9+ Years of Historic tick data for most pairs
    • New Currency conversions API
  • Real-time Commodities ticks
  • Real-time Bonds ticks
  • Real-time Metals ticks
  • Real-time Crypto Currency aggregate feed
    • Aggregate feed from the top 24 crypto exchanges

We stick with the simple pricing of $49/m for unlimited streaming and API requests. We hope to continue to add more forex and crypto feeds to our offerings to make sure you have access to the most inclusive and accurate data possible.

All premium stocks plans include the mentioned features.

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