US Stock Market Data APIs for Businesses & Market Professionals

Oct 4, 2019

Obtaining accurate, reliable, real-time financial market data is surprisingly difficult. Getting that data into a usable format is even more so. At we’ve set out to handle the heavy lifting for you, so you can spend less time worrying about data and more time creating your applications.


Poly.feed US Stock Market Data

for Business & Market Professional Use

Real-time Data from 5 Top US Stock Exchanges

Poly.feed provides instant access to real-time data from 5 top US stock exchanges, that's formidable market coverage and 99.95% price accuracy – without the costly exchange fees typically associated with real-time market data streams.

  • Investors Exchange LLC
  • NYSE National, Inc.
  • Nasdaq BX, Inc.
  • Nasdaq PHLX LLC
  • NYSE Chicago, Inc.

Historic Data from All 16 US Stock Exchanges

Poly.feed also includes over 20 years of historical data, and 15-minute delayed tick-level data from all 16 US stock exchanges and dark pools.

  • NYSE National, Inc.
  • NYSE Chicago, Inc
  • NYSE Arca, Inc.
  • NYSE American LLC
  • New York Stock Exchange LLC
  • Nasdaq Stock Market LLC
  • Nasdaq PHLX LLC
  • Nasdaq ISE, LLC
  • OTC Markets
  • Nasdaq BX, Inc.
  • Investors Exchange LLC
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.
  • Cboe Exchange, Inc.
  • Cboe EDGX Exchange, Inc.
  • Cboe EDGA Exchange, Inc.
  • Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
  • Cboe BYX Exchange, Inc.

Extensive Reference Data

We want to make sure you have everything you need to create your next application, which is why we've also included access to extensive reference data as a part of the poly.feed plan.

  • Tickers (Company Profiles)
  • Ticker Types
  • Ticker Details
  • Ticker News
  • Markets
  • Locales
  • Stock Splits
  • Stock Dividends
  • Stock Financials
  • Market Status
  • Market Holidays

All Available via Fast, Reliable, Easy to Use APIs

Tick by tick data with low latency over TCP using standardized protocols and structured, versioned JSON RESTful APIs that allow you to make requests using any coding language. Reference, Price, News and more all available over intuitive APIs.

No Per Query Fees

No Redistribution Fees

No Per User Fees

No Exchange Fees

No Fees.

Simple Price: $1,999/month

If you'd like to learn more about poly.feed and how it stacks up against our other enterprise data feed offerings please visit

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