Free Forex accounts closing soon

Jun 8, 2018

We posted a couple months ago that free forex accounts were no longer available, and that current free accounts would be closing soon.

Now that the new forex integrations are complete, we must begin paying license fees per user, per month. Which means we can no longer offer forex data freely to users.


Free forex accounts will lose access to real-time data streams and API calls starting on:
1st of July, 2018

The accounts and their API keys will not be disabled or deleted, however will not have permissions for any data.

Prevent Service Interruption:

To prevent having an interruption of service, upgrading to the currencies plan will prevent any changes being applied to your account. Your API key and access will not be impacted or changed in any way.

We are sad to no longer offer free data access, however we think the improved data accuracy and volume will better serve our users and their goals.

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