Free Data APIs and a New Dashboard

Sep 6, 2020

Today we’re announcing two major updates to make even more accessible to developers: free data and a new developer dashboard for all subscribers.

Starting today all accounts will have access to free end of day data.

Free Data

Free data tiers allow developers to sign up and start using our APIs instantly. No credit card required. Starting today all accounts will have access to end of day U.S. equities, forex, and crypto data, including 2 years of historical data at minute level granularity - for free.

New Dashboard

An entirely new dashboard offers developers more control and valuable insights, including:

  • API Keys management enables developers to create, manage, and monitor unlimited API keys.
  • Requests monitoring is much more powerful with information including request-id, status, user agent, response size, IP, location, and key used for each request.
  • Connections let developers to see the entire lifecycle of events and include details like connection-id, status, cluster, user agent, duration, IP, location, and key used for each connection.
  • Products & Billing helps developers manage subscriptions without having to interact with support.
  • Support now includes a list of recently submitted issues and multiple ways to get in touch with one of our developer advocates.

Today's changes represent a significant investment in's mission to help developers build the future of fintech. We're democratizing access to the world’s financial data, and we’re excited to see what you build.

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