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polygon integrates nasdaq basic to deliver market data to leading applications and websites Feature Image

Polygon Integrates Nasdaq Basic

Today, we’re proud to announce a new initiative with Nasdaq to integrate Nasdaq Basic data into the Polygon market data platform with the launch of Poly.feed Max. Poly.feed Max with Nasdaq Basic offers a comprehensive National Best Bid and Offer (“NBBO”) alternative to consolidated market data, and it includes all of the U.S. equities price, reference, and fundamental data needed to build your next financial application. Poly.feed Max makes all of this data accessible via unlimited APIs runni

understanding the sips Feature Image

Understanding the SIPs

At the core of the securities markets in the U.S. lies the Securities Information Processors (the “SIPs”). The history of SIPs goes back to 1975 when Congress established the concept as part of its 1975 amendments to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) to help establish a national market system for the trading of securities. The SIPs essentially link the U.S. markets by processing and consolidating all bid/ask quotes and trades from every exchange (i.e., core data) into one

open sourcing docs and issues Feature Image

Open Sourcing Docs & Issues

We've decided to open source our swagger docs and make issues public to encourage community participation, improve the documentation, and expedite issue resolution. GitHub Issues The goal of this repository is to provide a feedback loop where users can see their issue assigned and track its progress to see how it fits into the rest of the work going on at any given time. GitHub Swagger UI Anyone can now view and

understanding professional status Feature Image

Understanding Professional Status

U.S. stock exchanges like NYSE, Nasdaq, and others require data vendors such as us to collect and maintain personal information and employment information for some of our Stock API data recipients. The fees for the market data that are assessed to data vendors depends on how individual subscribers classify themselves as either Non-Professional Subscribers or Professional Subscribers, as defined below. Per exchange policies, you are considered a Professional Subscriber until you are qualified as

action required v1 tick api will be deprecated on 01 01 2020 Feature Image

Action Required: V1 Aggregates, Historic Trades, and Historic Quotes APIs will be Deprecated on 01/01/2020

Our V1 Aggregates, Historic Trades, and Historic Quotes APIs will be deprecated by the end of this year in favor of V2 Aggregates, Historic Trades, and Historic Quotes APIs beginning 01/01/2020. Customers can continue to use the V1 endpoints until 12/31/2019. We will also continue to offer support for the V1 endpoints until 12/31/2019. Our V2 APIs are built from the ground up and will give customers more flexibly and better service moving forward. We encourage users to switch to using the V2 e