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release notes march 2023 Feature Image

Release Notes - March 2023

What's new at Polygon? Indices data, CSV support and improved company financials are just a few of the things we've added to the platform over the last few weeks. Read more about our recent feature launches and improvements.

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Introducing Options Chain Snapshot API

Level up your trading game by getting the most up-to-date price data for an asset's entire options chain in a single API call. Sort and filter by every aspect of an options contract. Get the latest price changes, greeks, and implied volatility for each option in the chain, delivered through a lightening fast API. Our new Options Chain Snapshot API makes it easy to get

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OTC Stocks Have Arrived

We've just rolled out OTC data to every stocks plan on the Polygon platform. No additional subscription is needed, just query any OTC ticker from our REST or WebSocket APIs and get data for all US OTC venues.

introducing stock options apis Feature Image

Introducing Stock Options APIs

We’ve just launched a new set of Stock Options APIs that change the game for options trading.  We’re making available real-time trade and quote data from the full OPRA feed, as well as custom aggregate bars, greeks, open interest, and years of tick-level historical data for the entire stock options market. Real time, full market data on every active options chain — check. Custom aggregates of any duration down to 1 minute — check. 5+ years of historical tick-level data — check. Self-serve sign-

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New Stock Financials API

We’ve just dropped our new Financials API featuring company financials sourced directly from SEC filings. We’ve standardized annual and quarterly company filings into fundamental accounting concepts that are easy to use and compare across companies and industries.

new point in time tickers api Feature Image

New Point-in-Time Tickers API

Our new point-in-time tickers API is available on an experimental basis. We've added nightly data syncs, pagination, and the ability to query by date. With the added date dimension, you can query the historical info of a single ticker or get an overview of all tickers actively traded on that date.