Frequently Asked Questions

US Stocks
We connect directly to the exchanges to consume the CTA and UTP Feeds, we do not go through 3rd party providers. In the datacenter with the exchanges - a cable going from our servers to their servers.
We connect directly to a variety of institutional level sources.
We connect to the streams of the highest volume exchanges to consume the level 1 and 2 orderbooks directly from the source.

The professional status is determined once you sign up on the website and complete a small list of questions. The data is the same for each, however exchange fees are much higher for professional users which is the reason for the price difference.

Yes, we do not remove companies that have been delisted from the exchanges. We store the data exactly as it happened on that date in time.

We include all 16 public exchanges + dark pools. Our feed contains 100% market volume for US trading.

All symbols in the FINRA OATS list are included in our feed. You can see the full list here:


For troubleshooting help, please contact or the widget in the bottom right corner, with details regarding what you might think is an error.Specific tickers, times, and endpoint paths/URLswill help more than anything to figure out what is causing any error, and how to fix it.

For aggregates, nothing is generated when no trades occur. For historical ticks: We do not calculate bars or do any sort of gap filling for time. When you make an API call for a specific time range, you get the raw transactions, if any took place within that range.

Historical aggregates don’t have the option to only return intraday or pre-post market reading. What you can do is request data in 5, 10, 15, or 30 min increments between 9:30AM and 4:00PM and construct bars for whatever timeframe you want.

The data is in Unix Timestamps, but most languages parse that into the local timezone (EST)

Yes pre and post market data is included with US Stocks. From 4AM - 8PM ET

Our free stock price API, stocks reference data, currency, and crypto data can all be accessed immediately after you sign up. Other data can be accessed once you have e-signed your exchange agreements.
Start by signing up for an account to get access to our free Stock APIs and Currency APIs. Upgrade your account to get full access to our Restful APIs or Real-time Websockets.

US Stocks
  • Trades: Average 2000 messages per second
  • Quotes: Average 8000 messages per second
  • Currencies
  • Quotes: Average of 400 messages per second
  • Crypto
  • Trades: Average 45 per second
  • L2 Quotes: Average 600 messages per second
  • L1 Quotes: Average 200 messages per second

  • US Stocks
  • Enterprise: Mean time of <1ms
  • Mean time of <20ms
  • Currencies
  • Quotes: Mean time of <200ms
  • Crypto
  • Trades: Mean time of <40ms
  • L2 Quotes: Mean time of <40ms
  • L1 Quotes: Mean time of <40ms

  • No, our data is exactly as it happened that day.

    Because the data is point in time, any trade that happens will be included, even if its cancelled.

    It rounds to the nearest hour, so it would be 9-10, 10-11,11-12, etc.

    We do not limit the number of symbols you can subscribe to at one time.

    The maximum params length is ten kilobytes, so however many symbols are able to fit into that size, which depends on the type of call.

    Yes! Currently, we can offer a 20% discount for the first three months to help scale your project and decrease initial overhead.