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Ignite curiosity and cultivate genius with real-time market data, immersive tutorials, example projects, and intuitive, easy-to-use APIs.
Rows of Data
1 Trillion+
1 Million+
API Access

Intuitive & easy to use

Data for virtually any use case

Create visualizations, build models, integrate into stock market simulators, or create your own to gain a deeper understanding of financial markets.

Research & analysis
Build financial models, study market trends, and broaden research with real-time prices and historical financial data.
Software applications
Easily integrate data into stock market simulators, back testers, and other educational software applications.
Data visualization
Create powerful visualizations and dashboards with charting software to gain a deeper understanding of the financial markets.

Create lessons that pay dividends

Polygon for educators

Ensure students’ success
Ensure success with extensive documentation, sample projects, and a customer support team ready to answer your questions.
Incorporate real-time data
Incorporate real-time data and hands-on projects using industry-standard technology into your curriculum.
Access student discounts
Access discounts for Educators and Universities or contact us about opportunities for account sponsorship.

Spark ideas that will move markets

Polygon for students

Get unique experience
Get experience with the tools used by investors, brokerages, and major tech companies.
Access discounts
Access student discounts, or contact us about opportunities for account sponsorship.
Power your next big idea
Power your projects, research, and next big idea, spend classroom time creating, not integrating.

Power innovative curriculums

Polygon for universities

Easy onboarding
Easily onboard entire classes at a time. With our simple setup and no-fuss administration, professors can focus on teaching.
Innovative curriculums
Excite your students with hands-on, real-world projects that forge the path to the FinTech of tomorrow.
Stay compliant
We are your partner to navigate the complicated world of exchange approvals, education discounts, and compliance.

What will you build?

Discover the power of a market data platform that breaks down barriers and levels the playing field.

"We believe there is a compelling opportunity for scientists and engineers to leverage their proficiency in mathematics combined with artificial intelligence and data science tools to drive value creation within businesses and ultimately democratize wealth creation. The partnership with has been a critical and enabling component of this vision."
Jefferey Varner

"I have used Forex and Crypto real-time market data from Polygon over the last two semesters in classes for Engineering and Computer Sciences graduate students at NYU. I teach Programming for Business Intelligence and Data Engineering. Both are initial courses in AI/ML for graduate students."
Carlos J. De Oliveira
Adjunct Faculty

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