Historic Crypto Trades


Get historic trade ticks for a cryptocurrency pair.

This API was deprecated on June 1, 2022 and is no longer supported.View Current Docs

The "from" symbol of the crypto pair.

The "to" symbol of the crypto pair.

The date/day of the historic ticks to retrieve.

The timestamp offset, used for pagination. This is the offset at which to start the results. Using the timestamp of the last result as the offset will give you the next page of results.

Limit the size of the response, max 10000.

Response Attributes

The date that was evaluated from the request.


A map for shortened result keys.


The milliseconds of latency for the query results.


The symbol pair that was evaluated from the request.

c*array [integer]

A list of condition codes.


The Trade ID which uniquely identifies a trade. These are unique per combination of ticker, exchange, and TRF. For example: A trade for AAPL executed on NYSE and a trade for AAPL executed on NASDAQ could potentially have the same Trade ID.


The price of the trade. This is the actual dollar value per whole share of this trade. A trade of 100 shares with a price of $2.00 would be worth a total dollar value of $200.00.


The size of a trade (also known as volume).


The Unix Msec timestamp for the start of the aggregate window.


The exchange that this crypto trade happened on.
See Exchanges for a mapping of exchanges to IDs.

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Response Object
  "day": "2020-10-14T00:00:00.000Z",
  "map": {
    "c": "conditions",
    "p": "price",
    "s": "size",
    "t": "timestamp",
    "x": "exchange"
  "msLatency": 1,
  "status": "success",
  "symbol": "BTC-USD",
  "ticks": [
      "c": [
      "p": 15482.89,
      "s": 0.00188217,
      "t": 1604880000067,
      "x": 1
      "c": [
      "p": 15482.11,
      "s": 0.00161739,
      "t": 1604880000167,
      "x": 1
  "type": "crypto"
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